ICM Education and Development Subcommittee


The inaugural meeting of the Education and Development (EAD) Subcommittee was held together with the University Arbitration (UA) Subcommittee inaugural meeting on 29/03/2018. The members of the Subcommittee is same as that of the University Arbitration Subcommittee. Members reached a consensus that the EAD subcommittee and the universities will collaborate to hold talks regularly at the universities and to write joint articles / books, etc. Students may join with lecturers, etc. This was to cultivate student-writing culture.

Universities were in favour of maintaining a separate area in their websites to publish an e-magazine to cover the activities and collaboration of the universities with the EAD subcommittee. The joint works may also be published here. Faculty members agreed to do the needful to initiate the same. The Chairman expressed that he is willing to give the necessary support to facilitate ICM Marshalling program, which the universities should initiate. Faculty members agreed to do the needful to see the Marshalling program take off for their bright and deserving students.


Report contributed by Mr. Arun Kasi
ICM Executive Committee Member
ICM Education and Development Subcommittee

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